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About Us

Atlantic Launch is the commercial face of Patriotic Excursions military and commercial maritime logistical support. Through its ethos of using proven military maritime platforms, Patriotic Excursions has grown from a unique educational and entertainment venue into an integral resource for our military and non-military communities. 

Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to provide exceptional specialty marine services and support to the commercial, military, and tourist industries. 


Our vision is to be the premier specialty marine service for the mid-Atlantic region.


Our values:

  • Service to the maritime community 

  • Teamwork

  • Safety

  • Education 

  • Leading by example 

  • Honoring those who serve and protect our country 



Our founder, Captain Jay Leach, began his Public Safety career in 1983 as a Virginia Beach volunteer fire department member. With over 35 years of experience, he has a profound understanding of the industry and the skill to navigate any situation. 


Soon after creating First Landing Charters, it became apparent that many citizens and visitors to our area have a deep and genuine interest in our maritime activities. After regularly answering questions about our local military presence in Virginia Beach, particularly the naval special warfare community, the marine traffic coming in and out of the port, and the activities of our maritime first responders, the impetus for Patriotic Excursions was born. Our sister company Patriotic Excursions, was created in 2018 from decommissioned naval special warfare vessels.


Captain Leach and the Patriotic Excursions crews actively monitor VHF, channel 16, fellow Mariners, and swimmers in times of need. Operating primarily out of Lynnhaven, Patriotic Excursions, First Landing Charters, and Atlantic Launch vessels are often on the water from sunrise to sunset during the busy summer months. 

His vision for Atlantic Launch is always to provide excellent service and uphold the highest standards of safety.

We are an authorized government contractor, specifically with Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Norfolk.

We are committed to ensuring that the maritime community has the services needed for business continuity, and encourage you to contact us if you need a specific service.

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